Wise beyond your years

You are wise beyond your years,

Only time has its way,

Don’t give in to your fears,

Our fleeting moment will not stay,

All of us will leave this land,

Say goodbye to all,

You have something very grand,

Dear friend, answer the call


I feel the mystery

I feel the mystery flowing through,

It brings to life the love of light,

Guide me father to what is true,

From the darkness give me sight,

Heed these words as they hit your space,

What we need is already here,

The carnal spiral we needn’t chase,

Only shed the burden of our fear


Welcome to the new site

We are spreading love one ear at a time. My hope is that this site will provide light in the midst of darkness. I have had an overwhelming desire to serve people in this format. This is a result of me following the small and still voice within. We are taking the first step, without seeing the whole staircase. Peace be with you and yours.


Find your peace

Find your peace inside your heart,

Its everywhere you know,

Never to late to make a start,

It’s the only way you grow,

Courage finds the quiet fight,

It makes the hard road soft,

Its the mystery, it gives us sight,

And wings that bring truth aloft